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Hot Cocoa Candle

Hot Cocoa Candle

Do you love the smell of rich hot cocoa?  If so, then this candle is definitely for you!  Absolutely amazing - It smells just like fresh hot cocoa.  This candle is made from all natural soy bean wax with a cotton wick ... even the little marshmallows are wax, just adorable.  This is definitely a customer favorite of ours - people are amazed at how it really looks and smells just like hot cocoa.  Try it, you will not be disappointed.  The container is an Irish coffee mug standing 6 inches tall containing nearly 6 ounces of wax.


All of these candles are made with premium (U.S. grown) soy bean wax which gives you a cleaner, longer lasting burn time (30-42 hours).  Using this wax, and it's 100% cotton wick, makes them an all natural, environmentally friendly product.  Soy wax is non-toxic and produces less black soot giving you a nice, clean burning candle.

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